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Private Virtual Assistant for your life admin


It doesn't have to be hard.

And it doesn't have to be all you

Your business now works like a well-oiled, money-making machine and you have mastered the art of business outsourcing and delegation.


But I bet you still have a ton of personal life admin that you do yourself.


Successful power women know that their energy is too valuable to be wasted on silly tasks and chores, so it’s a common practice for them to have a private VA, as well as a business VA. 

Hiring a private Virtual Assistant is like hiring yourself a wife

Imagine being able to pick up a phone and ask them to book a holiday, re-book your hair appointment, order some dog food and organise your car to be valeted. 


Imagine being reminded of birthdays, or to give your dog a flea treatment pill, or that a contractor will drop by today to give you that quote.

Ocado order amended

Nail appointment booked

Birthday party organised

Parking booked

Car booked in for a service


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