Meet Tash, Founder and CEO Of Red Stilettos

Run your business smarter, not harder by using your natural strengths and doing what you can with what you’ve got.


Denise Duffield-Thomas

Well, hello there amazing power woman!

I bet you are loving those red stilettos. I know, me too.

The name and the brand were inspired by my extensive shoe collection. At the time I was a bit of a Carrie Bradshaw of London – wearing high heels, working in the City and dating a very hot man.

One relocation to rural Lincolnshire and a redundancy later, I decided to swap stilettos for converse and set up my very own online business.

The mission was very simple – to create ‘lifestyle and business support under one roof’ service, for business owners who strive to be chillpreneurs.

I know, you are great at outsourcing. By now you have a VA, somebody to deal with your marketing and social media, an accountant and few other key people. 

Yet you still have LOADS of life admin to deal with. It simply doesn’t fall under any other category.

You are so successful now but you are still stuck doing chores you didn’t know you could outsource. 


This is where we come in – our team of admin fairy god-mothers (and sometimes god-fathers) will magically pick up everything that you don’t want to deal with – diary management, car insurance, household bills, sourcing a present for your mother-in-law and even book you that emergency nails appointment.


View our full range of services, here.

The fact you are still reading this, tells me you are curious and wondering how we can make your life easier. And trust me – we can!

Why not book a call with me and we will start building the lifestyle you REALLY want.

I for one, can’t wait to meet you.


Tash x