What If I Need More Hours Than Purchased?

If you used more hours we will simply add that time to the next invoice as a ‘mop up’ line.

For example, you purchased 12 hours but used 15 that month. This means we will invoice you for 12 hours the next month, as normal, plus we will add 3 hours from the previous month. We will also amend the Direct Debit payment. You will never have to worry about paying your invoice manually.

How Do I Share My Passwords Securely?

We strongly recommend you use a password management tool, like Lastpass to share your passwords with the team.

If you prefer to give us the passwords over the phone or via text, we will store them in our Lastpass vault.

How Do We Communicate?

So that your important messages to our team don’t get lost anywhere in the virtual ether, we only operate in three channels of communication – email, phone call, Slack.

If you LOVE texting, download Slack app on your phone. And every time you need to send us a text, simply go to Slack app instead.

What If My VA Is Sick Or On Holiday?

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you alone. We will provide a cover to fill in for your VA.


How Does Billing Work?

Once you sign a contract with us and set up a DD, we will take the payment for the first block of hour within 5 working days.

All future payments will be taken on your agreed date of the month.

What If I Use Less Hours Than Purchased?

This is a very unlikely scenario and we work hard to avoid this, but if you did use less hours than what you’d purchased, you can carry over 10% of that time into the new month.

For example, you’d purchased 15 hours but only used up 12, you can carry over 18 minutes.

Can I Meet My VA Face to Face?

Subject to agreeing with your chosen VA this is certainly possible. You will have to pay for their travel time (this will come out of your pre-paid time) + travel expenses (travel fare/mileage/parking/taxi).

How Do I Know How Much Time Is Being Used?

Every Monday morning we will send you a time sheet so you will know exactly how much time is being used and by which team member.

We will also send you a quick report from our project management system, ClickUp, updating you with where we are on what.

How Quickly Can You Complete The Tasks?

We plan our time very carefully to ensure you get the best results. That’s why we have a 24 hours turnaround policy.

What Hours Do You Work?

We are operational within core office hours – 9am-6pm.