• Tash

From Burnout to Chillpreneur

Over the past couple of months I have gone increasingly woo.

No, I don’t dance around fire naked, chanting (wouldn’t you like to see that!). And I don’t have a secret book of spells, although I could really do with one.

What I am talking about is tuning into my inner self more. Like a lot more. In fact, all in.

Just before Covid hit us I was in a major burnout, although I didn’t realise it at the time. I was consumed with work and drank buckets of coffee. I physically could not relax. There was just too much to do.

It was so bad, my partner was worried about me. He continually offered his help and when I would refuse, yet again, he would simply make me another cup of coffee and quietly shut the door.

I was convinced I was about to crack it and work it out, but the magic just wasn’t happening.


And then Covid happened. And I caught it. Because I only had very mild symptoms I continued to work. From my sick bed.

And then one by one clients scaled back. Big time. I finally caught up on some sleep and the fog in my brain lifted.

One thing I knew, I didn’t want to go back to the ‘old normal’. I am what drives my business and I couldn’t afford another burnout. I knew I need to nurture myself. I needed to nurture my inspiration.


I wanted to have a successful business and I knew exactly how I wanted it to run. So I re-read The Big Leap for the twenty third time and worked out my zone of genius. That was the staring point.

I then hired a coach who specialises in businesses like mine. She lives and works in her own zone of genius. She designed her perfect lifestyle AND she delivers the most amazing service. It was time I found out the secret.

Over the first couple of sessions she gave me a couple of lists of books to read. I bought them all and read them all.

And then I started building.


Because I was so in tune with my inner woo, the right people started literally appearing out of nowhere in my feed.

My diary became booked solid with Zoom calls. Associate after associate started filling up my database.

I then got into the head of my ideal client. And I mean deep. Meditating deep. This helped me to see what she sees, feel what she feels, understand the problem she has and how I can solve in.

The list of services started emerging out of thin air. With her in mind.

I got crystal clear on my processes. I pestered various database people and found an automation expert who started helping me to put the whole this together.

It was like magic.


And all this because I started asking the right questions. I started building this business around the lifestyle I want, around my own zone of genius.

I know my strengths and where the clients get the most value out me. And for me to show up at my very best, I must look after myself.

For me this means reading, sewing, napping, cooking, baking, alone time, walks, being with nature, having my nails and hair done, shopping.

These important things are now unbuilt into my routine.

I once spend the whole week procrasta-sewing. After that week a floodgate of inspiration opened, which I knew would happen.

Being in tune with yourself is the most amazing thing that could happen to anyone.

It’s so easy to get distracted by stuff and not pay attention to your own needs.

But if you reverse it and make the whole thing start from you, nurture the relationships with yourself, everything will just fall in place.

Because you are the most important thing there is.